March 2017

Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Praying Friends,


We want to start off by apologizing for such a long delay since our last prayer letter. Johnny had been very sick with pancreatitis for the past few months and ended up being hospitalized in February. Thankfully, it seems the hand of God has touched him, and he is doing much better. The boys are doing well and Alex got his G-tube out in September.

As we have been sharing with you for a while now, it appears God is choosing to use us in a different capacity in the ministry. We have been fervently seeking God’s direction, and four weeks ago, He has made it tremendously clear that He is guiding us to start a Church in our home-town of Edgewood, Maryland.

Why Edgewood? Well, what better person to reach this community than someone who grew up here! Through much research, we have learned that Edgewood has the highest crime rate in our county. A person has 1-in-200 chance of being a victim of a personal crime. Edgewood seems like a small area, and there are about 6 Bible-Believing Churches in the County. However, in just a one mile radius of where we are seeking to start the plant, there are over 11,000 people, and no conservative Bible-Believing Church. In a three-mile radius, there are over 52,000 people, and within a 5-mile radius there are over 90,000 precious souls! The need is great!

We are excited about what God has already done. Two Churches have already promised to partner with us to help in the birth of this Church, perspective buildings have been inquired about and hours of prep work have been done with much more to be accomplished.

We are sincerely requesting your help! As Aaron and Hur “stayed” the hands of Moses we require support and strength from others. Will you be our Aaron and Hur? I know what you’re thinking, “The Hudson’s” don’t need this type of help, wasn’t Johnny Hudson born without arms (hands)? Well that is just a figure of speech. Every soldier of God needs assistance and strength from others!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Prayer! Satan loves nothing more than to see a Church close its doors! How angry is he that another Church, committed on standing on God’s Word, is in the birthing process!
  • Contributing Financially! We have start-up costs that we will not be able to secure on our own. We desire to partner with others on a two-year church-planting commitment, one-time gifts toward special projects, a monthly-recurring and/or onetime

    • Our cost just for physical items are just over $10,000.00. We will be sharing a list of items that one may purchase directly or donate cash or gift cards so the items may be attained. Another option is there’s an item on our list that you have but are not using, it can be donated as well; we will always accept gently used items.
    • Our projected monthly rent is going to be anywhere between $4,000 - $7,000 a month.
  • ​Partnering Personally! There are several ways this can be accomplished:
    • Helping with an area-wide soul-winning/doorhanger blitz. We will be holding several of these leading up to our projected launch date of October 1, 2017.
    • Assisting in construction, modification and setup of the storefront God opens to us. Whether you can help build a wall or our platform, paint, install carpet and vinyl flooring, or setting up the furniture, signs, and decorations.
    • Seeking God’s will in relocating to be a physical part of this new Church birth. This could be on a temporary basis or on a more permanent endeavor.

• Sharing Our Burden!

  • Give us an opportunity to share our burden in your Church. We are praying God opens many doors for us to share what He’s doing in our lives in as many local Churches as possible between now and the end of September.
  • We are limited in the number of people we know. Please share our burden with all that you know! This will greatly increase useful resources to aide in our efforts.

We are beyond excited in this chapter of our ministry. We pray that our burden and excitement overflows to your hearts in a great and mighty way. Thank you kindly for your love, friendship and support you have bestowed to our family and ministry!

In His precious name,

The Hudsons
Jude 22, 23

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